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Tianjin Weikesen Fluid Control Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tianjin Binhai New Area, covering an area of 13333.3 square meters, is a set of technology, production, trade as one of the modern enterprise. The production base is located in the Chinese valve capital "Yuhuan" Xuanmen Industrial Zone, covers an area of 2800 square meters. With independent laboratories, HVAC systems experience room and the number of lines. Since the establishment of the company is committed to the HVAC system, in the development and production of water separator system. Has reached international advanced level. The company mainly engaged in " Weikesen " brand radiator, thermostatic valve, electric valve, water mixing device, water sets, wireless remote device. Companies with senior staff as the technology support of international elite R & D team, capable of supporting the design personalized and diversified solutions, in the face of supporting the needs of partners and the changing market Science and technology change with each passing day, the expansion of Weikesen will spare no effort to improve production capacity, for customers to provide one-stop shopping convenience target efforts.

Corporate Target The success of our company is based on total quality control, which is composed of each individual quality control throughout the entire production process. Because, all of our staff's work (from design to production until after sales service) is very important. For us, every detail is crucial, because it will have a profound impact on the entire system. Well aware of the importance of these details, Anborui company working to create a positive atmosphere, so that every employee feel his work is a part of the final quality indispensable.
Our goal is also our business philosophy, to provide beneficial to human resources and technological innovation opportunities. Under the background of strict moral norms, through our actions to prove our commitment to achieve.
Company Culture

Pay attention to customers: We hope to provide customers with more detailed and accurate support. To improve after-sales service, professional technical advice and technical support to meet the needs of customers.

Pay attention to environmental protection: We promise to save the use of energy and raw materials, and do our best to protect our environment.

Working environment: We want to create a safe and comfortable working environment that will ensure that every employee is aware of the risks associated with the job. This work environment can help motivate employees to develop and improve their professional level.

Professional training: We ensure a long and continuous technical training. Technical training is essential to the challenges of today's technological innovation.

Cooperation relationship: We believe that relationships with partners should be based on the principle of mutual benefit, honesty, transparency and cooperation.

Corporate responsibility: We respect the economic, social and environmental expectations of all individuals and companies involved in the business activities of our group.

Comply with legal and ethical standards Comply with the current laws and regulations, and maintenance of today's moral standards, norms of behavior is our enterprise's bounden responsibility, is critical in maintaining the reputation of the enterprise. Our goal is, this is our business philosophy, to provide beneficial to human resources and technological innovation opportunities. Under the background of strict moral norms, through our actions to prove to our commitment to achieve.

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